I found the solution was simple if can be useful I post here. it Was need to convert HEX to bin the sha256has string and pass it to HMAC instead that in HEX format

This is my coirrect testsignature
Function testsignature String ssignature String smessage Returns Boolean
        String   sSigntocheckex  shash_hmac_result sSigntocheck
         UChar[] hchash_secret uchash_hmac_result  
         UChar[] ucaData   ucaKey hash_secretbin
         Handle hoHMAC
         String hash_secret 
         Get StringToSHA256Hash of oDataCrypter (String(C_B2BKEY)+ (String(C_B2BSECRET))) to hash_secret
        Get Hex2Bin of ghoSecurity hash_secret to ucaKey
         Move (StringToUCharArray(smessage)) to ucaData
         Get HMAC   ucaData   ucaKey to uchash_hmac_result
        Get Bin2Hex of ghoSecurity uchash_hmac_result to sSigntocheckex
             Function_Return (sSigntocheckex = ssignature)