I've got some very complex logic in a large "global" function defined inside oWebApp. It was cloned from a legacy Windows app. The invoking object does a Reread - then it calls the function - and then it does an Unlock. I know that standing advice is to perform all finds, creates and edits through DDOs. It's just because the function is huge, and it was thoroughly debugged years ago, which has me trying to find a way to use it unchanged in my WebApp.

Because the function creates/edits records in several tables, after it's done - after the "Unlock", I want the invoking view's DDOs to be snapped into sync with their global table buffers. Would that be as simple as a performing a FindByRowID for each of the DDOs?

I ask, assuming you think that bending the rules - using direct table access - is not so unwise for a WebApp that the DDO-sync question should be moot.

Allthe best,