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Thread: RC1 - Could not find class 'DR.WebReportViewer'

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    Default RC1 - Could not find class 'DR.WebReportViewer'

    This is the same workspace/DF20.1/DR8.1 combo with which I had a problem yesterday.

    This time I chose an ODBC connection to create the same simple report. In the DR Developer Studio the report previews and prints as expected.

    I next went to my webapp and used the wizard to integrate the report. After yesterday's PDF issue, I chose HTML output and accepted the rest of the defaults. The resultant .wo report view has a "use cWebDRReportViewer.pkg" statement at the top and compiles without error or warning.

    Choosing the report from the View menu, I immediately get an "Unhandled Program Error on the client, Could not find class 'DR.WebReportViewer'" error.

    I've attached the .wo generated by the wizard.
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