Hi -

Time to travel back in time to the old grids. I've been asked to make a "simple" change to a dbGrid (popup the lookup when entering column 2) & while I remember some of this & can read the help, I'm still confused. The first 3 columns of the grid:

        Set Form_Width 0 to 30
        Set Header_Label 0 to "Quan"
        Set Form_Width 1 to 25
        Set Header_Label 1 to "Type"
        Set Form_Width 2 to 160
        Set Column_Prompt_Object 2 to Part_sl
        Set Column_Entry_msg 2 to PopUpPrompt
        Set Header_Label 2 to "Description"
and the complex procedure column 2 calls:

        Procedure PopUpPrompt
            Send Prompt
Both columns 1 & 2 (zero based) have lookups. The column_entry_message I added for column 2 pops up the lookup for column 1 & returns the selected value to column 1. Yes, I tried setting it to 3 - but it calls nothing then.

I've also tried;

        Procedure Item_Change Integer iFromItem Integer iToItem Returns Integer
            Integer iRetVal iCol
            Forward Get msg_Item_Change iFromItem iToItem to iRetVal
            Get Column iToItem to iCol
            If (iCol = 2) Begin
                Send Prompt
            Procedure_Return iRetVal
        End_Procedure  // Item_Change
And get the exact same result - prompt list for column 1

Any help appreciated!