We are planning to move our development to Git for a team of three developers and using GitHub as the location of our remote repositories.

Currently, we have a different workspace for each part of our product in the form of
Workspace A
-- Workspace Folders (AppSrc, AppHTML, Data, DDSrc, IDESrc, etc.)
Workspace B
-- Workspace Folders
GlobalPackages (.pkg and other files shared by all workspaces)
GlobalBitmaps (icons and bitmaps shared by all workspaces)

The config.ws file in the Workspace A programs folder contains

My thinking for Git is that Workspace A would be a repository of it's own, as well as Workspace B. But, how do I include the two global folders as part of the repository? I've seen mention of adding them as submodules, but I've also read that this can be quite cumbersome to manage.

What is the best way to manage global folders in a Git environment?

USA Software, Inc.