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    Default DataFlex Reports 2022 - Release Candidate

    We are pleased to announce the availability of the release candidate for DataFlex Reports 2022 (v8.1).

    Changes between beta 2 and the release candidate are:

    New Features
    • The DSN less connection configuration page in the ODBC database connection page has been altered. The database name can now be entered manually. When the database driver does not require selecting a database it can be omitted. There is an extra input field for connection string attributes which might be used for a specific connection
    • Crosstable now reports an error when the minimum output does not fit on a page
    • Update If feature in maintenance utility now processes sub-reports

    • Stored procedures parameter support has been improved
    • RTF export issue with numbers has been fixed
    • Crash on sub-reports using variable length fields has been fixed
    • Where clause in SQL select statement no longer uses double quotes when the value contains a single quote
    • Double integer export to Excel has been fixed
    • Chr() function can now be used to print unicode characters
    • Finding deleted columns in check database dialog is now possible
    • Improved keyboard navigation in Studio's menus
    • ODBC datasource selection painting issue addressed
    • ComReportInfo function missed groups when group headers were repeated on the next page, fixed
    • Crosstab values sometimes did not appear, fixed
    • Text object lost leading spaces on saving report definition
    • Fixed the problem that an SQL statement based report could not be altered
    • CSS change for HTML previewer fixes
    • CSV export options for field and value delimiter were reversed
    • BOM character in DrExportOptions.dg for DataFlex 19.1 removed
    • Help files updates. Help file now contains the DR logo in the title bar to avoid confusion with other help files

    DataFlex Reports v8.1 runs side-by-side with older versions. Note that saving the report definition file (.dr) with v8.1 makes it not accessible with v8.0.x or older anymore.

    This version of DataFlex Reports uses a v8.0 license code or runs for 60 days in evaluation mode.

    Download the v8.1 Release Candidate version from: using your Data Access ID.
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