Chuck has booked the AAIM facility for MMISL on Oct 14-15, 2005 but
apparently it won't be available due to Helen Fitzgeralds (Irish bar next
door that most of us are very familiar with) purchasing the AAIM facility.
My first thought was this is perfect.we won't even have to leave MMISL to
get to the piss up, but the reality is we'll have to find another location
to host MMISL. While there are many suitable sites in St. Louis and
elsewhere, it will be hard to replace the AAIM Center in terms of price &
facilities. It will take some legwork, possibly substantial, in order to
find another site we can agree on by Oct. This brings up the question of
whether people really feel we need another event this year, given that we
have both DISD & DAW Conference? We were already wondering what our
attendance might be like as the third major US event of the year. We're
asking because if we cancel MMISL this year we'll have plenty of time before
the next MMISL to secure a new site. Any, and all, comments welcomed.