General error. 42000 (102)--[Microsoft][ODBC Driver 18 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Incorrect syntax near '.'. Table = TABLENAME (###)

Error: 12289
Error Source = ODBC_DRV.Structure_End.CreateIndexes

[start] - at address 146579

This happens when attempting a restructure on a table. It doesn't seem to matter what table it is. We are just now wading into the MS SQL camp, so maybe this has been addressed already. "syntax near '.'. doesn't really help me much.

The code works well in Embedded and PSQL:
Move TABLENAME.File_Number to hTable
Get_Attribute DF_FIELD_LENGTH of hTable 20 to iSize
If (iSize =50) Begin

Structure_Start hTable
Set_Attribute DF_FIELD_TYPE of hTable 20 to DF_ASCII
Set_Attribute DF_FIELD_LENGTH of hTable 20 to 10
Set_Attribute DF_FIELD_NAME of hTable 20 to "SOURCE"
Structure_End hTable


This is part of a much larger script that adjusts our tables for size, name, etc.

Your guidance on which rock to turn over would be greatly appreciated.