From the help on module_name:

The DataFlex help system relies on two global properties, application_name and module_name to assist in the process of locating context-sensitive help information. The Module_Name defaults to the name of the program (stored in the .EXE file).
Application_name doesn't appear to be defined, nor is it in the help, though there are references to ApplicationName in the Web Classes.

This relates to my question about duplicate programs being reported when multiple sessions on RDP are running the same menu. It doesn't make sense to me that RDP sessions wouldn't be siloed from each other, and in fact it appears they sometimes are.

My options at the point appear to be:

1. don't check dupes if it's an RDP user (ugh)
2. waste another weekend on flaky windows - why does it work just sometimes?
3. Upgrade all my point to point fiber so that RDP isn't needed.