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This week I started the production deployment of the new version and simultaneously users are using DF20.0 while some are using DF20.1 in which the message is triggered but not always.

Who is using DF20.0, does not receive and never received the message.

The same program run on DF20.0 is compiled under DF20.1.

It seems to be under some condition of the content of the .CCH file, that the message is triggered, and although there are other error messages 77, which is certainly a recurring 13001. After several enters the program can be executed and at first it seems not to be messing with the database.

After a probable update (synchronization) of the .CCH (automatic by the DF) the error condition, when loading the application does not appear, but this creates an instability of trust and no user likes to keep receiving this type of message and I even less.

DF20.0 was not uninstalled on the equipment, that is, I can easily go back to the old version until the problem is resolved.

I ask:

1) It could be some problem, for this .CCH file to work in DF20.0 and DF20.1 ?

2) I could delete all these .CCH that were generated by DF20.0 to be generated by DF20.1, but I get the message that persists in DF20.1 and tangles DF20.0. Should i try?

3) I could disable or modify via Driver the cache file, but I'm not sure if I should do it or how to parameterize in:

odbc_drv_database.int, SQLBase.int or odbc_drv.int, which contains the content:

;Use_Cache 1
;Use_Cache_Expiration 1
;Report_Cache_Errors 0

should i try?

4) Any other way to go?

Best Regards,