Hi -

DF 19.0, MySQL, Mertech Driver

I am using a DateTime as part of an index & it seems that some computers recently started "not saving" the seconds portion. So - the DateTime is 05-02-2022 13:24:00 instead of 05-02-2022 13:24:07.

The help says:

The CurrentDateTime function returns a DateTime variable or Time variable that contains the current local time. This functions respects the current Windows regional settings configuration for the date and time format.
So - it seems that how the DateTime is saved is subject to local settings? Is there any way to get a full DateTime including at least seconds? When I save a record on the server, it includes seconds (though not milliseconds), but seemingly the Win10 VDIs & workstations they are using don't save the seconds. I can live with seconds only.

Any ideas on how I can change this behavior - hopefully without having to change 100's of user settings?