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What do you mean? AFAIK the only place where DataFlex does not free memory is when you use Alloc() but that is intentional. At COM level DataFlex increases and decreased the reference count for COM object automatically and it is up to the control to remove itself from memory and cleanup. When you have a variant variable with a VT_DISPATCH value and the variable it getting out of scope or when the variable gets a different value the reference count is decreased.

Can you give an example so that it can be further be discussed ?
The example is in the post you are replying to.
As I said, it is debatable.

You can't access an ActiveX interface from DataFlex without having to create a DataFlex proxy object.
In a strict technical debate, you are correct that DataFlex correctly keeps the reference count as it should.

In a more practical view.. that is all moot as you have to keep the reference count on your proxy objects by creating and destroying them manually.

Yes, you can re-use a proxy object in some cases, but the whole ActiveX interface is very clumsy compared to how it works in VB6 (in 1998!) or C#.