I have spent hours on trying to find out how this works, but I cannot see any logic. It always works in my development map, but if the program is moved to another location, it often fails to display the bitmap on the button. However, it the development map is re-named, it works. Even the Programs map can be re-named and it still works.

  • I copied both the .exe and manifest file to another copy of my program. The bitmap is shown
  • I erased the manifest file – The bitmap is not shown.
  • I copied the same manifest file to the program copy map again so Programs map contained exactly the same files and the same version as before. – The bitmap vas NOT shown ???
  • I copy both files simultaneously from the development map to the other. It worked once, but then I never succeeded to get the bitmap to show again.
  • I re-compiled the tests program and copied to the other maps. It worked
  • Next time I copied without re-compiling, it didn’t work.

Use Windows.pkg
Use DFClient.pkg

Deferred_View Activate_oBtnmView for ;
Object oBtnmView is a dbView

    Set Border_Style to Border_Thick
    Set Size to 200 300
    Set Location to 2 1
    Set Label to "BtnmView"

    Object oButton1 is a Button
        Set Location to 84 133
        Set Label to 'oButton1'
        Set psImage to "RedDot.bmp"  //the file is in bitmaps and Project Properties/Bitmaps in the Studio
        Procedure OnClick