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is it really the virtual mode that plays a role ? or the fact that the DF classes uses their own classes for Editing ?

cCJGridColumn [Property pbVDFEditControl] (dataaccess.com)

If you disable it.. it should use the CJ crontrol internally..
Nope that doesn't help.

Compiling is fun with NVDA on "duh duh duh duh duh ... " not too bad in the background when you're playing Metallica - Frantic on a headphone.
and NVDA really can't keep up with my typing and navigating LOL.
The Hammer seems OK with NVDA.

FWIW the Studio crashed every time after closing the Order Entry app, consistently.
Btw, all my testing now was on DF19.1. Don't have anything newer on that VM yet. Will try later.
Not really expecting that much has changed for this as it is most likely the pbVirtualMode as Frank said.
Sadly that is a pretty hard requirement by the cCJGrid/cDbCJGrid classes.