I did a small addition of a text field (with an additional Bank Account) on a client's Invoice report, and right after that change, the reports needs over 2 and a half minutes to load in the designer, and at runtime, around 3+ minutes, just for the report to be opened (between the Run_Report command and the OnStartPrinting procedure where we set the formulas etc..)
So actually, the entire delay occurs before the VDF code kicks in.

I have verified the database, re-saved the rpt, nothing changes.
I have brought back back ups of that rpt, no matter how back in time I go to bring an older rpt, the issue persists.
The database is updated as is the ODBC for the connection (hasn't changed in years).

I am thinking that the problem seems to be related to the tables and the database connection, but the ODBC checks out and verifies the connection as usual.
There are literally hundreds of other reports running without any problem, it is just that one that seems to have the issue, but unfortunately, it is the clients main printout since it is used for invoicing, and right now, client is obviously not happy waiting 3+ minutes on each printout (they issue 100+ invoice per day)

Any suggestions or ideas are welcome.

Thank you