When reading the what's new for RC1, got happy about this new property.
cConnection [Property psConnectionAppName] (dataaccess.com)

But it seems, per the doc, it's only supporting MS-SQL for now.

Please, can this also be extented to support DB2, and maybe other DBMS types.

The equivalent Db2 CLI/ODBC param for this is ProgramName

I have been using this successfully in my managed connections strings, to differentiate several WEbApps.exe connected to the same databases.

Auth Id  Application    Appl.      Application Id                                                 DB       # of
         Name           Handle                                                                    Name    Agents
-------- -------------- ---------- -------------------------------------------------------------- -------- -----
DB2ADMIN WebApp.exe     27         *LOCAL.DB2.220129122342                                        RVMEDREP 1
DB2ADMIN WebApp.exe     7          *LOCAL.DB2.220129122317                                        RVMEDREP 1
DB2ADMIN Studio.exe     151        *LOCAL.DB2.220129132706                                        SAMPLE   1
DB2ADMIN DF_Test        130        *LOCAL.DB2.220129132609                                        SAMPLE   1     <<<<---- this one has been set explicitly.  it's a regular WebApp.exe
DB2ADMIN Studio.exe     152        *LOCAL.DB2.220129132807                                        SAMPLE   1