We've been successfully running a demanding mySQL-based DF19.1 app at AWS coming on 2-years using AWS ws2016 clients, and now moving gingerly to ws2019 DataCenter clients (currently at ver 1809 build 17763.2452). No runtime issues so far however some of the utilities like DBB and Studio > Database > Table {utilities} are getting a bit tweaky with unreliable results and sudden aborts. I understand both AWS and these clients are unsupported, and with little choice it's our task to find a way now. Two questions:

1) Has anyone had experience at AWS w/these o/s clients they can share?

2 How might client Windows Compatibility Mode (set to say Windows 8) impact what's happening here?

Our answer is not DF20 right now: Once we feel more comfortable we'll go there. Any experience you have is appreciated.