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has anyone tried using precompile in V20.1 beta 2?

I get an errormessage:

----Compiling Demo.src (64-bit) ----
- Compiling Program: C:\Dev\Test\Prg\Demo.src
- Memory Available: 4089499648
- Using pre-compiled package C:\Dev\Test\Prg\Demo.src
- Including file: C:\Dev\Test\Prg\Demo.x64.pkd (C:\Dev\Test\Prg\Demo.x64.pkd)
- Summary
- Internal Compiler Error: Compiler terminated unexpectedly with error code: 0xc0000005
----Compile Finished (with Errors!) in 0,5 seconds ----
----Compiler Warning Summary----
----Compiler Error Summary----
Hi Michael,

This issue was already reported and is fixed in the next revision.
Thanks for looking into our betas!


Bram Nijenkamp
Data Access Europe