DF19.1 Windows Application

DR Report is version 7 but using DR8.ocx

When calling this report from a windows application, this function is returning an error. The issue is that the field CASHSUMMARY.Date is being considered as a keyword.

When running the report from the designer, the error is not returned and the data is correct.

This used to work when I compiled the application using DR7 library and started getting this error when I replaced the library.

dim dDate

dim sSqlString
let dDate = FormatDate({CASHSUMMARY.Date},drCustomDateMask,"yyyy-MM-dd")

let sSqlString ="Select TM_CASH from cashdeptsum where date = '"+ ddate +"' and department = '" + {CASHSUMMARY.Department} +"'"

return SQL(sSqlString)