Some changes on pbEnable on 20.0 broke some validation from my views, can you take a look please.

i saw the new properties called pbNoFillifHidden and pbNoUpdateifHidden to use with a hidden data entry objects and make sense, but nothing related to "enable false" constrols...

i have some rules that if true make my objects not Enabled, to prevent user interaction, and then i manually set the fields, it works on 19.0 but not on 20.0

so, i ask, there is any property to make it works on 20 like in 19? or what i'm missing from documentation about bpEnable behavior changes?

(i'm trying to avoid use 'pbReadOnly' because it will make me to review a lot of code)

I wrote an example code on vendor.wo from weborder.

        Object oVendorName is a cWebForm
            Entry_Item Vendor.Name
            Set pbEnabled to False
            Set piColumnSpan to 6
            Set piColumnIndex to 4
            Set psLabel to "Name:"
            Set peLabelAlign to alignRight
            Set piLabelOffset to 70
        Object SetValueButton is a cWebButton
            Set psCaption to "SET VALUE"
            Set piColumnSpan to 2
            Procedure onClick
                Forward Send OnClick
                Set Field_Changed_Value of oVendorDataDictionary Field Vendor.Name to "Test"

fill the forms, and then click on 'Set value' button, and then hit save button

Click image for larger version. 

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thanks guys.