Last summer, after a fairly lengthy rewrite, I released our biggest product (W.I.S.H.) in Dataflex 19.1 (upgrading from 19.0). The lengthy rewrite was because I replaced all Grids with CJGrids, Lists with CJPromptLists, scoured through and addressed every single compiler warning to make sure that I had upgraded all code to non-obsolete code in preparation for the final leap to DF20.

A few months after that I started to receive emails from customers complaining that WISH was really slow. I was initially thinking that it was something to do with the use of CJGrids over Grids but couldn't find anything wrong.... And in fact, side by side comparisons seemed to prove that CJGrids were giving much better performance. Then I wondered if my use of SQL was becoming a burden so I devised a way to turn it off, but this made little difference and in fact I started to realize that some of the speed complaints were also coming from customers that were still using embedded. My next fear was that something inherent in 19.1 was the cause, but as I started to notice that many (if not all -(I didn't watch for this at first)) of the complaints were instances where the server had a pending reboot from an update install. The jury is still out, but so far, since I have started checking this on a "complaint" site, this appears to be a condition that is present. Rebooting the server resolves the issue. One tech shared this information when I asked him to check:

I will arrange to reboot the server tonight. There is pending updates to install/reboot. The Windows Internal Database that is used for WSUS server was using a large amount of RAM, I restarted that service and it’s back to normal now.
That night the server was rebooted and the next morning I heard back from the client:

I checked in with Staff and WISH is now working without any slowness issues.
I wish that I could have been able to find out if the slowness issue was resolved after the tech restarted the WSUS service, but was unable to touch base with them until after the reboot.

Is anybody else experiencing similar performance issues?