Good morning,

I would like to start expressing my gratitude to that forum, and all of you for jumping in and losing time over something that never should have been so difficult to solve, but yet, what created all that havoc is still not evident.

That particular application is very old, and has been ported initially from VDF6 to different versions of VDF till the current one in VDF19.1
During all these years, many coders have added / removed things, using subclasses that were quite interesting back then, but I am sure most of the stuff coded during almost a couple of decades, is now probably causing more damage than good.

After having placed just the list and the view at the very beginning of the Client area to make sure they are created, still nothing was working, so looking at what was "above" it, I saw that only the ribbon menu bar was used before these 2.
That gave me the idea to try and move the ribbon below the client area, so I tried reorganizing the program's main source file, because 'use's' and 'include's' were all over the place.

By doing just that, making sure everything related to global functions, different global procedures and utilities, views, lists etc. was inside the ClientArea, and moving the creation of the menu ribbon toolbar inside the Main Panel, but after the end of the ClientArea, the list got back to working again without errors when called from that view.

I am not sure at this point what problem the Ribbon may be causing, if indeed it was the one causing the issue, but like I said, the last thing I did after re-organizing the code, was to keep the view and the list on the top, the ribbon only been above them in the main panel, and that didn't work.

As soon as I moved the Ribbon below the client area, things seem now to be back in place, but I will try to understand what exactly caused the issue.
Again thank you all for this unparalleled support we always find in this forum.