C:\Program Files\DataFlex 20.1\Bin64\Studio.exe
Invalid message. MSG_ADD_FOCUS

Error: 98

Please report this error to Data Access Corporation

MSG_ACTIVATE (117) - NULL (4698) - at address 2922
MSG_MOUSE_CHANGE_FOCUS (251) - DESKTOP (2) - in native code
MSG_MOUSE_DOWN (259) - NULL (4698) - in native code
[start] - at address 245271

You can recreate this in the WebOrder example.

1. Open a DD class - for example, cOrderHeaderDataDictionary - and have it in the designer view.
2. Go onto the Structures Tab
3. Click into the "Required Child Tables" list and then click "Add Table"
4. Start to type something. For example, 'I'
5. Autocomplete should offer a list of tables, for example the Inventory one.
6. Click on where Inventory is listed.


You should now receive the error and the studio should then close.