I interface with a dumber terminal that is ASCII only, but the users recently discoverd they could use extended characters (utf-8) in their windows logins. My DF is usually fine with this, but this code:

Object oBtnTest is a Button
            Set Size to 14 70
            Set Location to 33 37
            Set Label to 'Test'
            // fires when the button is clicked
            Procedure OnClick
               String sUsername sOEMCurrentUser sUpperCase
               Move "Æsop" to sUsername  
               Move (Utf8ToOem(sUsername)) to sOEMCurrentUser
               Move (Uppercase(sOEMCurrentUser)) to sUpperCase 
               Send Info_Box sUpperCase 
does not play nicely. the Utf8toOEM converts Æ to � and then the Uppercase function just quits, and returns a null string.
I was expecteing to show a different explosion with this minimal case, but that turned out to be another bug.
This one is still a pain. Is there a function that does a better correction ot utf-> OEM that makes some intellegent choices like Æ tp AE and æ to ae?

Also, is this a bug in "uppercase" ?