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Hello all,

We've been investigating an application crash issue with an specific printer with HP universal driver PCL6:
The application runs on VDF 19.1.

So far we've noticed the crashes happening when selecting printers or checking the printer preferences.
It's not trying to print a report yet and it doesn't matter which report it tries to print, so we can't pinpoint this to a report issue at this point.

When the application crashes we can't find any logging on the software side and the system loggings itself also shows no indication where the problem lies.
This only happens with this specific printer as well.

At the moment we are going to update the driver of the printer as well to a specific one to see if there is a difference in that.

Has anyone ever had this issue before or maybe got some ideas on how to find out where the issue of this could lie?



We had a similar issue recently. I compiled the application using the DR8 library instead of DR7 (without any other changes) and the issue got resolved.