Hi Edgar,
thank you for your response

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F5 exits edit mode,
yes, it works also for me, the F5 key works and exits from the edit mode, thank you for the suggestion.

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the problem NOT exists in DF20 and 20.1.
My project for which I have to solve the navigation problem of the cDbCJGridColumnSuggestion is a DF 19.0 Windows project. But I also just tried to replace oInventory_Item_ID cDbCJGridColumn class with cDbCJGridColumnSuggestion in the Order.vw (Order Entry sample workspace of DF20.0) and the problem still persist: also in DF20.0 is impossible to exit from the edit mode of a cDbCJGridColumnSuggestion using the arrow keys.

Maybe this is a Feature Request for DAW, but I think that when the suggestion list is closed the cDbCJGridColumnSuggestion should manage the arrow keys like a normal GridColumn.

I think that the optimal solution for me would be to catch the UP ROW key event and override it. Do you think that is it possible? I am trying to look into the cDbCJGridColumnSuggestion.pkg but I cannot understand where to find the right hook.

Thank you very much, kind regards