I would like to allow the user to exit from the edit mode of a cDbCJGridColumnSuggestion using a keystroke on the keyboard. To explain what I mean, I changed the cDBCJGridColumn of the Order.vw in the DF Order Entry application as follows
Object oInvt_Item_ID is a cDbCJGridColumnSuggestion //cDbCJGridColumn
    Entry_Item Invt.Item_ID
    Set piWidth to 91
    Set psCaption to "Item ID"
    Set psImage to "ActionPrompt.ico"
Open an existing order, then navigate to the last row by single click on the Item ID column. If you press the down arrow key the grid will prepare a new row and enters in edit mode. If you press the up arrow key to go back to the previous row nothing happens. But using the cDbCJGridColumn the user can correctly navigate to the previous row.

So it seems that the user cannot exit from the edit mode of a cDbCJGridColumnSuggestion. I also tried to use the On_Key and Key event on the grid and on the column, but that events are not fired if the cDbCJGridColumnSuggestion is in edit mode.

I would like to allow the user to press the up arrow key and allow him to navigate to the previous detail row. How can I do that?

Thank you very much
kind regards