I am finding that allowing users to access a site with Chrome is very problematic when it comes to the Autofill function which seemingly cannot be disabled in Chrome.

For example, our app has a database of Clients and this includes their address. It is very easy to accidentally have a record's address changed when using Chrome simply by rolling over the field and accidentally touching the mouse or mousepad.

I have tried several methods to disable this and the only way I can do it is if I change the Label or the Placeholder of the field to something that is misleading. For example change a field name from "Street" to "Purple" will fix the problem but then of course the field doesn't make sense to users.

I think that the only way is to NOT allow our page to run in a Chrome browser.... or at least disallow access to certain pages if Chrome is the browser.

Does anybody already have a method for detecting the browser's UserAgent and pass it through to the webapp so that this information can be used to control what happens on the web pages?