I've an active discussion in the Web forum about what's involved in making a WebApp Development example into an SSL site. I believe DAW should include instructions in the DF help (or elsewhere at a pinch) to convert WebOrderMobile (for instance) into an https app accessible from a device on the same network as the development PC.

My belief is that everything should be https nowadays, but while there is lots of information on the web it is inconsistent and confusing, there are literally too many ways to do each step.

I think DAW could produce simple steps to make any of the supplied examples work in an 'approved standard' way.

Henri's demo of the WebScanner stuff fired my imagination for what I could do with that tool. but my attempts so far to make it https and thus get it to work have foundered on my ignorance of IIS. I've managed our Apache Websites for years but our only IIS website was installed for me and hasn't been enough trouble for me to get involved.

Can we add a 'How To' please?