I know that all the recommendations made on that matter, are strongly pushing towards leaving CRXI which is a very old product to Dataflex Reports (or eventually the new Crystal SAP).
However, having quite a lot of reports (in the hundreds) that would need to be migrated, this is not a task that can be done right now.
At the same time, I have upgraded an older workspace from VDF14.1 to VDF19.1, it is working properly, but I am getting an error on every attempt to run any report.
The error says "Unable to load Report" , and it triggers before the OnInitialize procedure runs, at the line with the command "Send OpenPrintJob sReport" in CrystalReport.pkg
This is the procedure that runs and gives the error, all the variables have the correct values:
  // **JJT**
  Procedure OpenReport String sReportName // Optional name can be passed
    String sReport
    Integer iDestination
    Send OpenPrintEngine // this will only open if needed
    Send CloseReport // this will only close if job is open
    If Num_Arguments Ge 1 Move sReportName To sReport
    If sReport Eq "" Get Report_Name To sReport
    If sReport Ne "" Begin
      Get Full_Report_Name sReport To sReport
      Send OpenPrintJob sReport
      Send OnInitializeReport
      If (PreviewWindow_Id(self)) Begin
        Get Output_Destination To iDestination
        If iDestination Eq CRW_PRINT_TO_WINDOW ;
          Send ShowReport To (PreviewWindow_Id(self))
      End // If (PreviewWindow_Id(self)) Begin
    End // If sReport Ne "" Begin
  End_Procedure // OpenReport
The report is in the data folder, it is not misspelled (these are years old reports which haven't changed), and the path passed to the procedure is pointing to the right file.
I re-installed Crystal and Connectivity kit again, nothing changed, still cannot run any report.

I found a few threads where I saw Crystal XI and VDF19 were running without issues, so I am not sure if it is a compatibility problem, or I am missing something important here.
Any help or ideas is more than welcome, client is waiting for the new version and I am stuck...