Had it reported to me that DoStartDocument wasn't working in either 20.0 or 19.1.

Hmm it certainly used to, as at least one daily-run-but-not-recently-compiled-program relies on a report displayed by that method.

So I debug, and I find this... (in every version I can find)

Procedure DoStartDocument GLOBAL String sOperation String sDocument
   Local Integer hWnd
   Local Integer iRetval

   Get Window_Handle To hWnd
   If (hWnd > 0) Begin
      Move (ShellExecute
hWnd is ALWAYS zero, so why did it ever work? Subversion says this hasn't changed furrevah!

Found a MatthewD version which omits the line in red (so why bother having the one in green?) and removing the red line makes it work.

Confused in Cayman...