I compiled an application in DF-20, 64-Bit that runs fine in 32-bit and it will not start. In the debugger it just shows Loading and then Exiting with no errors and nothing on the screen. Same thing if I run the executable from Windoze. I have another 64-bit DF-20 program in a different workspace that works fine. I tried putting a breakpoint at the very top of the .src file but it never gets hit. I had set up an ODBC DNS for 64-bit to work with my Postgres database but that works fine with that other program and if something like that were a problem I'd expect to see some kind of error.

I don't even know where to begin looking for whatever problem, any clues that I should look for?

----Loading Program In Debugger----
- "C:\VDF-20.0\Projects\National-PROD\Programs\Main.exe"
----Exiting Program In Debugger----