this weekend a DF 19.1 Windows application on customer site has stopped working to get data via HTTPGetRequest from a remote webapi. The remote webapi works correctly if the request comes from my workstation. The DF program has not changed and nor the application of the remote webapi, something else has changed but I cannot understand what. If I disable the SSL on the remote webapi and get the request in HTTP instead of HTTPS it works also on customer site. The remote API does not require certificates for authentication.
I also tried to change the peTransferFlags to the following but nothing has changed.

Set piRemotePort of oHttp to rpHttpSSL
Set peTransferFlags of oHttp to (ifSecure ior ifNoCacheWrite  ior ifReload ior IfIgnoreCertDateInvalid ior IfIgnoreCertCnInvalid)
The error code that comes from ResponseStatusCode is 0, and the error that comes from LastErrorCode is 12057 .... and I don't know what that means.

Has anyone any idea how to troubleshoot the cHttpTransfer?

Kind regards