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- 19.1 using a 32-bit ODBC mySQL ANSI driver requiring LATIN1 and LATIN1_BIN at the server, and
- DF20 using a 64-bit ODBC mySQL UNICODE driver requiring UTF8MB4 and UTF8MB4_0900_ai_ci

If we are going to truly be able to run 19.1 next to 20.0 on the same development systems so that we can step thru migration slowly, how do we set server collation and character sets to that required by both? My guess is that DF20 was puking because the server was set to to what 19.1 needed in character set & collation. And as I said, we freaked, very concerned we were going to blow up our dev servers and backed out. So "guess" is the operative word.
Jim, DF20 does not require the use of Unicode in the backend or the UTF8MB4 char set. Only if you choose to use Unicode you will need that char set in MySQL. If you need to share data between revisions, you should carry on using ANSI in your application since 19.1 does not support Unicode.

Also, you don't have to use Unicode in order to use 64 bits. There is a 64-bit ANSI driver too.

One last thing to keep in mind is that if you edit your source code in DF20.0 Studio, you will need to decide whether or not you will be editing it in 19.1 as well to configure the DF20.0 Studio accordingly - save the source in OEM or UTF8?