This code works in DF19, but not in 20. Why?

Struct tHusnrResultat
  String id
  Number status
  String vejkode
  String vejnavn
  String adresseringsvejnavn
  String husnr
  Variant etage
  Variant doer
  Variant supplerendebynavn
  String postnr
  String postnrnavn
  String kommunekode
  String adgangsadresseid
  Number x
  Number y

Use  cJsonHttpTransfer.pkg
Function GetHouseNumbersPage String sPostnr String sVejnavn Integer iPage Returns tHusnrResultat[]
  Handle hoObj
  Handle oJsonHttp
  Handle hoReqJson
  Handle hoRcvdJson
  String sRequest
  String sResponse
  Boolean bOk
  Integer eStatus
  String sBaseURL
  String sFilePath
  tHusnrResultat[] HusnrResultat
  Move '' to sBaseURL
  Get Create (RefClass(cJsonHttpTransfer)) to oJsonHttp

  Set pbShowErrorDialog of oJsonHttp to True
  Set piRemotePort of oJsonHttp to rpHttpSSL
  Set peTransferFlags of oJsonHttp to ifSecure // kald som https   
  Set psContentTypeExpected of oJsonHttp to ""
  Move ("/adresser?postnr="+sPostnr+"&vejnavn="+sVejnavn+"&struktur=mini&side="+String(iPage)+"&per_side=100") to sFilePath
  Get HttpGetJson of oJsonHttp sBaseURL sFilePath (&bOk) to hoRcvdJson
  Get peJsonTransferStatus of oJsonHttp to eStatus      
  Send Destroy of oJsonHttp
  If (bOk and hoRcvdJson>0) Begin
    // To show response
    Get Stringify of hoRcvdJson to sResponse
    Move (Replaces('"dør"',sResponse,'"doer"')) to sResponse
    Get ParseString of hoRcvdJson sResponse to bOk
    If bOk Begin
      Get JsonToDataType of hoRcvdJson to HusnrResultat
    Send Destroy of hoRcvdJson
  Function_Return HusnrResultat

tHusnrResultat[] HusnrResultat
Get GetHouseNumbersPage "8362" "Banev%C3%A6nget" 1 to HusnrResultat