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Thread: New webapp session inheriting the last login

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    Default New webapp session inheriting the last login

    During development, our programmers are running/testing/closing/coding/rerunning the webapp repeatedly all day.

    If that cycle happens frequently enough, and we don't logout - just close the tab and the DF runtime - the prior session is remembered by the browser cache, so it bypasses Login.wo. The user is in, but anything the app needs set by the act of logging in is missing. Also, obviously browser session memory is a security issue.

    We assume that end users who open/close/reopen the app will have the same experience if they don't logout. There's no hook point for closing the app if the user just closes the browser tab.

    Has anyone taken on that issue and found a way to purge the cache for the webapp when its tab or browser window closes (point being they don't have to logout first). Or is the last-best-case that they're supposed to logout when they're done?

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