//NHStartCut_11-11-21 - this didn't work, but it's supposed to be the right DDO way...
                   //WebSet piDeleted of oRptDailyRegister to 1
                   //Send Rebuild_Constraints of hoRptFiltr
                   //Send Clear of hoRptFiltr
                   //Move sReportID    to RPTFILTR.REPORTID
                   //Move sRptDesc     to RPTFILTR.RPTDESC
                   //Move sFilterLabel to RPTFILTR.FLTRLABL
                   //Send Find of hoRptFiltr EQ 1 // ReportID, RptDesc, FltrLabl
                   //Get Current_Record of hoRptFiltr to iRptFilterRec#
                   //WebSet piDeleted of oRptDailyRegister to 0
                   //Send Rebuild_Constraints of hoRptFiltr
you have a constrain-file set to a parent..

Set Constrain_File to RPTSETUP.File_Number
So , finding oRptFiltr_DD sont work if you dont have the parent also positioned, with a valid record.

You must also find the desired parent (RPTSETUP) first.