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You said it was not being saved.

But your second picture says the opposite! The policytype column is receiving the value!

do you have the property pbUseDdRelate ( or something like this, don’t remember the correct prop name) set somewhere in one of those dds?
Those were old records that were being saved. However they are still not being shown in the lookup view. New Records were not being saved.

I was using Set_Relate gbpolicytype.InsurerCode to |FN0,0 in a business process.

I changed some DD's and everything is going haywire. System was working well. I had to create a bp to copy records from one table to another and had to remove some relationships.

Now I was doing some final testing before user testing and the main feature is not working.

When adding records in a grid (in tables related to the quote table) I am getting operation re-entrant errors and field required, etc.