Our application crashed during startup while it was updating database tables. Since nothing appeared wrong I tried doing the updates (adding two columns to a table) on the table it was working on in DBBldr and it crashed too. But I got a DataFlex error right before the crash. (I'm sure our app got the error too but our error handler doesn't display the error, it logs errors in a file, which didn't get recorded due to the subsequent crash.)

The problem hinged on the INT files having Trusted_connection=yes, and the security on the MS SQL Server side not granting permissions to create tables to the domain group. (!) So that was the 12289 error (SQL permission can't create table) reported in DBBldr prior to it crashing.

Easily fixed by correcting the INT files (someone in our support dept screwed up the INT files at some point) to use the correct SQL user username/password so that database updated could be performed, but I thought I'd report it in case the crash should be fixed.