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Thread: ToDo or not ToDo - that is the Question

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    Default ToDo or not ToDo - that is the Question

    Probably not new to DataFlex 20.1, but seeing as this is the project currently being developed - and it's where I just encountered it - perhaps the following behaviour could be tweaked?

    // ToDo: one
    Class cToDoTest is a cObject
    // ToDo: Two    
        Procedure Construct_Object
            Forward Send Construct_Object
    // ToDo: Three        
            Object oToDoTest is a cObject
    // ToDo: Four
    Drop the above code into a source file. I added it to the top of WebApp.src (WebOrderMobile) but it doesn't matter.

    Now look at the To Do List in the studio. "ToDo: Four" isn't being picked up. Move it outside of that object and it will be. I wouldn't have expected the location of the ToDo comment to be important (and I nearly missed one!)
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