I just thought it might be a logical location to place it in the cVersionInfo class. It doesn't really matter were it ends up as long as it gets implemented

Of all the DataFlex developers I would think that very few have the "Auto increment build version" checked, and there are good reasons why.

So having a compile date that is easy to retrieve makes great sense and to be shown in e.g. the "About" object. I've had it like that for years and it has saved me countless number of times so I knew exactly what version that was running. The problem with the method I'm using is that it is a real hack as it opens and reads the .exe file. Rather silly solution really.

And also; A compile date is easily traced or tracked in any git or SVN log.

There already exists a compile date in the .exe file, probably put there by the compiler? It is just not exposed to us developers at runtime, which I think it should be as it helps us.

Does that makes it any clearer?