Windows 11’s release starts October 5th and will be pushed out “free” to customer PCs worldwide. As with past Windows releases, you can count on Data Access to follow the Windows 11 rollout as a high priority and as more is learned, provide you with information about how DataFlex Windows applications may be impacted by Microsoft’s platform changes.

We have already confirmed that the user interface for Windows programs is different on Windows 11 when compared to prior Windows platforms. These types of difference are not new (they have happened at other times over the years). Sometimes such changes are accommodated with changes in DataFlex and other times they just represent the way applications are supposed to look and feel on the new platform. We are investigating the current changes to see where they fall on that spectrum.

A complicating factor is that the changes are not consistent based on which pre-release channel (dev or beta) of Windows 11 is used. This means that we may not have a clear path until the actual rollout begins.

So far, the changes observed and reported are cosmetic due to changes in the Windows common controls, but we will be looking for other possible incompatibilities as well.

We will keep you updated as the situation evolves.