I am migrating some of the code from WebBrowser control to WebView2 control.

With the WebBrowser control, we can use FindFirstUrlCacheEntry to figure out if a certain cookie is set, and we can choose to clear/delete the cookie at program startup using DeleteUrlCacheEntry.

With WebView2, cache is stored in the location that is specified by "psUserDataFolder". On my computer, it is "C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local\Data Access Worldwide\DataFlex\20.1", then the name of the executable as the subfolder. All fine and dandy, except I want to be able to find out if a certain cookie from a certain domain is set, if so, I might choose to delete it. At this moment, in order to clear cache, I can delete the entire folder (kinda like killing a mosquito using a canon, anyhow).

The question is - is there any way for me to enumerate the cache/cookie under the new WebView2?

Frank Cheng