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I only just saw this:

"I can't include a demo as a library unless I also alter the demo's .ws to include the subfolders"

That's not true. Are you aware that you include it by writing (for example):

Use SecMod\WindowsUI\Admin\oSecModViewSetupMailer.vw
(code sense will help you as you type the path)

It does not matter if this folder structure is in the application ws or in one of the libraries used. Amd you do not need to edit any config files.


somewhere in the above I wrote that I do NOT like pathing on use statements in the libraries I use, so why would I want them in my own code?

We aren't developing for clients, just for ourselves. The risks of multiple versions of packages FAR outweigh the benefits. The flatter the codebase the better.

Changed my mind, I'm glad this isn't a discussion over a beer...