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Can you give me an answer to my question above?

As an example of coding that I made in Dataflex 18.2 with the following command:

Object oTpono_po is a cWebColumn
Entry_Item Tpo.no_po
Set psCaption to "No Po"
Set piWidth to 110
Set pbRender to False

Then in another area I do the following command

String sTpono_po
WebGet psValue of oTpono_po to sTpono_po

Then the data that is filled in oTpono_po will be filled in the variable "sTpono_po"

Meanwhile, if it is implemented in Dataflex 2021.
variable sTpono_po is not filled (null)

I have done the above test and I get caused by the command set pbRender to False

For the help, I thank you very much

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Yasa Nataditia