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Thread: WebApp replacement for Cursor_Wait / Cursor_Ready

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    Default WebApp replacement for Cursor_Wait / Cursor_Ready

    During a timeout for a process completing, what is the recommend visual tool to signal "please wait..."? We have found of course that these do not work:

    Send Cursor_Wait of Cursor_Control
    Send Cursor_Ready of Cursor_Control

    As a workaround, as the process starts, I tried this in the cWebButton's OnClick...

    WebSet psCaption of oMyButton to "please wait..."
    .... (do the process) ....
    WebSet psCaption of oMyButton to "<original button label>"

    But those WebSets do not change anything visible in the button.

    Other dynamic changes by the process to some nearby objects are displayed.
    Why cannot a button's psCaption be changed dynamically?

    Perhaps leave the button psCaption alone and use a cWebLabel for the "please wait..."?

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