Harm, sorry to raise the RO topic here:

But that's not what I'm currently seeing in the ASCII function.

Monthly I receive a file from a Brazilian statistical entity in .DBF format.

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I adjusted my encoding, to work from the first version of DF20 and today: (

In this month's file when reading via Read_Block I have: Hex 93.

When performing the format conversion and executing the Ascii command, I receive as a return: 8220.

Seeing the link, which appears in the manual:

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I think the whole range from 127 to 160 should return an erratic value.

I should be getting the return: 147, as is the value in DF19, contradicting your words.

I tried some variations of commands and was not successful.

My code (summarized) looks like this:

Integer iVal
String sDb
Address aUTFBuffer

Read_Block channel 1 sDb 1
Get Utf8FromBuffer of oCharTranslate (AddressOf(sDb)) CP_ACP   to aUTFBuffer 
Get Utf8ToStr of oCharTranslate aUTFBuffer CP_UTF8 to sDb
Move (Ascii(sDb))  to iVal

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