In my DF19.1 WebApp Development server I am getting the following error
Web Service Error
Application Error occurred during processing.Technical details for the site administrator:
Internal Error: SAXParseException: value '|CI0' is invalid NCName (Occurred in an unknown entity, at line 1, column 8881.)
Please check the Windows event log for further information about the problem.
Windows Event Viewer has
Session failed to initialize: Fatal error occurred during child process initialization: String too long Server name longer then allocated destination 0 < 15 (DFCONNID=PHDI20). , Source = MSSQLDRV.GetServerName
DataFlex Error#: 4101 in line: 10686.

--------- Connection ID --------
I was doing some experimenting using Studio to create a table have an data type XML.
To do that I created a connection ID.
I am now done with that experiment. I went to Studio - Database - Connection ID and removed the PHDI20 connection ID
It seems to persist somewhere.
Serves me right for trying to learn new things ;-)

Does anyone have any thoughts as to where I can find and remove this remaining remnant of PHDI20?