Through a long process I now have a business back that I started in 1973. I bought a Minicomputer for it in the late 1970s, bought the source code to the accounting software, modified it until it worked for that business, and eventually moved that program to DataFlex in the early 1980s. As I became busy with my computer business I had employees, then partners, then people who worked in the business while buying it from me running the custom software in v2.3b. My wife and step kids worked in that business and eventually pretty much destroyed it. I ended up with it after a divorce.

I'm 5 years into reorganizing it and save it as a much smaller business. The inventory, A/R, Invoicing are still done in the DF v2.3b but AP, GL are done elsewhere. I still have a Win7x32 station used for Reports, A/R, etc. but the other stations are Win10 using vDOS. It is mostly just me with some help from my kids but we use 7 user stations for the software even if some do mostly something else like the shipping station.

I am putting information in other places like Excel Sheets and Word Docs but it is time to organize it and bring it back into an integrated product.

What should I do about data? With the devastation caused by Covid, I now have a decent server running Server 2019 Datacenter so I can setup as many virtual servers as I want. It was given to me as payment for a bill as the customer went out of business. I must continue to use the Inventory file and invoice out of the old software in v2.3b. A/R is probably necessary in the old software but it is all credit cards at this point. The server I just took as payment for a bad debt has a MS SQL 2012 Standard running on a 2012r2 virtual. I bought DF v3.2 at one point but never migrated.

I would love to develop screens that have lots of information on inventory items but tie to the actual inventory item in the old software. Is that crazy? Can current DF access v2.3b files? At one point I considered paying someone to migrate the v2.3 Inventory, A/R, Invoicing to current but Covid has made that unlikely at this point if that was ever really possible. I'm actually using a tiny amount of the old software but the parts I use are critical. I would love to have a database backed website in new DF that accesses the inventory file or even data exported from it to another file.

Open to ideas.