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Hi guys
we are having multiple errors in the Event Log for our webapp (DF19.1, Web Desktop, SQL Server, cloud environment with multple application servers and two SQL Servers).

The error we get is: "201 - A child process does not respond, unconditionally terminating the process..."

Now, from reading the help etc I understand that this is caused by the webapp not responding to a call, right?
The thing here is that we have these errors listed, one after the other, with seconds between them, for each and every web application installed on that particular server.

So, what can make ALL webapps not respond, AT THE SAME TIME?
And, who is calling the webapps, at the same time, most often during the evning or night, when extremely few users are working?

Thanks in advance
Hi Leif.

I think you will get the same error in the log if you open the DBE and open a workspace and then closes the DBE.
I´ve seen the errors you are talking about every time a DF application closes in DF19.1. Not in all environments but in some cases. And you have to access a database, otherwise you will not see the error in the log.
If you are having these errors in the evening/night it might be the Web App server restarting the processes?